Whether you desire a class lesson, a full day retreat or a residential experience we will liaise with you to design a programme best suited to meet the needs of your students. Programmes are highly interactive incorporating a mix of presentations, discussions and team activities and are designed to foster animated discussion between participants and with the team.

The topics explored can be drawn from the following:

The Nature and Character of God
The Holy Spirit
Destiny – Hope & Purpose
Relationships & Sexuality:
A Philosophy for Dating
Understanding Boundaries
The Dynamics of the Heart
Pornography – Resistance /Rescue
Hearing Gods Voice
Having Gods Heart
Angels and Demons
Self-Image – Made in Gods Image
Identity – Things that Influence us
Cultural Shifts
Faith in a Divided Society
Faith and Science
Vocation – A Heart for Mission
Addiction – Breaking Habits and Patterns

The team are both Catholic and Protestant and Programmes aim to motivate the students to explore their faith and inspire them to further develop their understanding of God and their personal relationship with Him.


Retreats can be carried out on school premises or at a pre-arranged venue. Numbers will determine the size of the Retreat team required. We are happy to travel anywhere in the country – however please note the further away we are required to travel, accommodation may need to be arranged for the previous evening, in order to assure the quality of the programme delivered to your students. Depending on the availability of priests / pastors, longer programmes can accommodate a Penitential / Reconciliation service or a Celebration of the Mass if you wish. All of the above factors have an effect on cost – however we will endeavour to accommodate your budget.


“one of the highlights of the 7 years that pupils spend at St. Columb’s College”
“an extremely enriching experience”
Mark Mc Connellogue Teacher

“communicates the Gospel in a contemporary and imaginative manner”
“have the passion, the will and the vision to forge new ways of inspiring faith in todays’ young people”
Orla Walsh: Faith Development Officer for the Spiritan Educational Trust DEA.
The day was great craic and I learned so much.
I understood for the first time that God loves me and I’m worth so much to Him
I didn’t think about there being a plan, a purpose to my life before now.
After today I want to know God better.
God is not a way out there somewhere
Being in a relationship can be good fun without being hurtful.



We offer a Retreat Programme for teachers who’d benefit from time to reflect, pray, plan, to become personally invigorated in their faith in order to pass it on to their students. Contact us for further information.