The Vision

Cast is a response to the urgent need to inspire, train and mentor young people to become intentional learners and motivated leaders. Our vision is to seize every opportunity to foster hope and nurture life – releasing young people to fulfil their full potential.

We’ve got passion, energy and commitment!!! We educate, train and mentor young people and leaders through creative and challenging Personal, Social and Faith Development programmes. We work in schools, churches and community groups throughout the country and across Europe.


Life is an invitation to experience love, beauty, excitement, fulfillment, connection. To make a contribution which enhances the lives of those around us. Recognising our worth, skills and personal qualities better equips us to match our passions with the needs of our community. Casts activities foster self-awareness in young people instilling in them a zeal for learning and purposeful living.


“The root problem of the world today is relationships.” Dean Sherman. Our desire as Cast is to educate and mentor others into taking personal responsibility for establishing the good boundaries critical for forming and maintaining healthy life long relationships. Our goal is to inspire those we work with to discover their passion and bring their best skills and qualities to bear for the common good.


Knowing we are loved by the Living God changes us, how we see ourselves, how we see and behave toward others, the decisions we make, the thoughts and attitudes we entertain.  Faith in Jesus doesn’t just provide us with a code to live by, we are invited to become family and gifted with the grace and strength of the Holy Spirit to be transformed into the likeness of Christ. This is the core of Casts ethos.

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